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QAY650 all terrain crane is equipped with new spacious luxury cab, combined center console, digital indicator, air suspension seat, electrical control rear mirror, etc. The product adopts 8-axle chassis, 6-axle steering, and 4-axle drive, featuring sufficient power.
7-segment oval-section jib adopts the telescopic mechanism of the single-cylinder bolt. The full extension length is 84m. The product has many optional devices, such as 63m fixed extension jib, 95m luffing jib, expanding the working space. Improve the super-lift device, and double the jib length. The lifting height increases 7×12m, and the lifting performance increases by 60%.

Through the application of the Fieldbus technique, the computer integrated control technique improves the energy efficiency, failure diagnosis intelligence, and control automation.

The product is equipped with the auxiliary winch which is specially used to install the big hook and steel wire rope. The
dismantling of the optional devices, such as the counterweight, luffing jib, etc. can be completed by the machine itself,
considering the convenience of the installment and dismantling to the maximum.
Parameter Item Scale Unit
Dimensions Overall length 18210 mm
Overall width 3980 mm
Overall height 4000 mm
Weight Dead weight in travel state 79680 kg
1st axle 11625 kg
2nd axle 11201 kg
Power engine model OM460LA.E3A/5  
engine rated output 194/2100 KW/(r/min)
engine rated torque 2700/1080 N.m/(r/min)
Travel speed 75  
Min.turning diameter 24 m
Min.ground clearance 460 mm
Approch angle 19 °
Departure angle 19 °
Max.gradeability 40 %
Lifting Performance rated lifting load 800 t
Min.rated working radius 3 m
Turning radius at swing table tail 4090 mm
Base boom amx.load moment 1690 kn.m
Base boom 10.3 m
Full-extended boom 38.2 m
Full-extended boom+Jib 55 m
Outrigger longitudinal distance span 8.7 m
Outrigger lateral distance span 9.2 m
Working speed Boom elevating time ≤80 s
Boom telescoping time ≤120 s
Max.swing speed ≥2.0 r/min
Main winch max. speed(on load) ≥125 m/min
Auxiliary winch max. speed(on load) ≥125 m/min