Pre-Sale Service

400 Customer Service Centers

Our 400 customer service centers are divided into information communication centers, centers to improve customer satisfaction, customer behavior analysis centers, and product marketing centers, which provide you with professional services including service center information, price consultations, technical support, product complaints, repairs and spare parts inquiries, and sales support.

User Experience Day

During the user experience day we take the time to fully introduce new products and carry out practical customer experience activities, help you understand XCMG better, and provide you with private customized construction solutions.

Golden Operator Training Program

We want to contribute to the training of outstanding industry professionals, so we are enthusiastically building an operator training base, sponsor the National Lifting Skills Competition and Concrete Design Competition, and actively promote cooperation with construction companies.

Private Customized Construction Solutions

We have the software and hardware resources as well as the years of construction experience needed to provide you with efficient and highly customized construction solutions. We will happily listen to any of your product design, manufacturing, or service ideas during the consultation process.


Monsultative Sales

The demand for differentiated construction is always there, and we spare no effort in helping you to select the right equipment and realize the optimal value of the equipment you purchase.

One-stop Financial Services

Based on a deep understanding of engineering machinery products and customer needs, we work with major financial institutions to provide your business with the best financing solutions.

Butler Transportation

In order to meet your every need, we provide a professional transportation delivery service and a training service for initial installation with every piece of machinery.

After-Sales Service

365×24 Year-round Service

Globally, we have more than 5000 service engineers and 1500 dedicated service vehicles. We are committed to year-round 24-hour service even during holidays, in line with our policy of always providing "a response within 15 minutes and job completion within 24 hours."

Smart Butler Service

We have established a perfect GPS Global Service Center, and we can provide you with a proactive smart butler system through an Internet of Things platform.

Spare Parts When You Need Them

We have thousands of spare parts centers across five continents that stock almost 1 billion specialist spare parts. We promise that spare parts will be delivered within 72 hours.

After-market Worry-free Service

We are committed to providing after-market services, including rentals, second-hand vehicle evaluations, trade-ins, overhauls, and recycling. We always stick to our responsibility and mission of handling your concerns as best we can.

VIP Customer Club

We have a "customer-expert-factory-construction" four-way cooperation and exchange platform, with a sound management system and work flow.